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Classic cars require an eye

It takes a certain type of technician to understand the care and detail required to maintain the look and feel of a classic car. Thankfully, every technician at Pasadena Auto & Truck Upholstery has what it takes to get your job done, whatever it may be. We know the ins and outs of countless models and are expert craftsmen when it comes to protecting or enhancing the look and feel of your classic.


We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of classic cars. So let's talk about your restoration project.

We can do it all

Every one of our technicians is expert and can handle both foreign and domestic restoration projects. In addition, we offer custom patterned interior restorations, vinyl repairs, and complete interior refurbishing. We'll even repair electric windows and power locking features on your classic. So if your classic car needs some work, call us today.

A classic car requires upkeep

Enjoy your classic and keep it pristine for years to come.

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Classic car Restoration